Update on Location/Schedule

Just a look into what I'm doing right now and how that may apply to you.

11/18/20231 min read

Hey everyone-- hope you're having a great week. Just wanted to send you all an update here on recording dates, location, etc.

Unfortunately around 1-2 weeks ago, my location for our Jersey recording suddenly fell through, so I've been working hard to find a replacement. I'm currently in Jersey (even though I'm located in VA) so I can visit locations in person. By the end of this trip I hope to have good options, otherwise unfortunately I'll probably need to push back dates so I have time to schedule all of you, book lodging for some of you, etc. -- I'm doing everything in my power to figure something out and will keep you posted on how it goes.

With all of the casting delays, I'd hate to push it any further as it's already been a while, so we'll see-- I'm sorry for how long it's gone on already. In terms of contracts, I have a near-final draft from my lawyer and will be getting those out to you soon, probably alongside a location update and the screenplay.

On the positive side, we were just able to secure a great deal on our recording setup, so we'll be working with the top-of-the-line Neumann U87 microphone, and comparable equipment for the rest of our setup-- and I've been working with audio engineers to make sure we get great sound. This means that when we do have a location, our sound will be movie-studio quality.

I suspect getting a location in VA will be significantly simpler due to us only recording up to 9 days there, and me having a lot more connections in VA than NJ. To be clear, recording in NJ is still planned to start right at the start of the new year; just wanted to put out an update as a just-in-case so you're all aware.

Have a great week,