We're in business!

11/20/20231 min read

Posting this update to let you all know we just got a beautiful location in Pequannock, NJ -- about an hour out of NYC! We'll sign an official agreement in a few days but I'm very confident that this will be a wonderful location for our Jersey recording. Hotels within 10 mins, store right next door, in a beautiful quiet neighborhood.

It's in an actual studio usually used for podcasting; the owner has an extra room he's going to turn into a second podcast studio, but in a stroke of good luck, it's not being made until February, so we get the benefit of the great room while also being able to bring in our own new equipment. The owner, Andrew, was also extremely kind and gracious to us when we visited. Really couldn't have asked for more.

I'm celebrating Thanksgiving with my family this week but in all likelihood I can get out contracts + scripts + scheduling (for Jersey-going actors-- may be a bit longer on scheduling in VA, but still contracts + scripts) by the end of the month. All this to say-- we're in business!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!