A'Taka Cast Updates

A new site page just to provide updates to the cast without having to send out unique emails every time.

11/1/20231 min read

Hey everyone! Wanted to make this site section for things that were not need-to-know, but also were helpful tidbits. Not sure how often I'll use it but figured it was nice to have.

Two pieces of info here-- the first is that our recording timelines are mostly solidified-- we will almost certainly start our 22-day Jersey recording period at the start of January, with the 9-day Virginia branch following fairly quickly after that. Waiting for final confirmation, but should be able to give it within the next 2 weeks max, along with a contract and a screenplay.

The second piece of info is that I updated our IMDb page with everyone on it. Please let me know if I got something wrong when adding you and I'll correct it ASAP.

Here's the link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14186418

Hope you all have a great week!