A Look into A'Taka's Art Development

A short look into how A'Taka is being made :D

11/8/20231 min read

A'Taka is a 3D-animated movie, so I wanted to give you all more clarity into what that process of development looks like-- mainly highlighting world development.

We mainly use a 3D software called Blender to bring our worlds to life-- me and a team of 4 extremely talented artists from across the world. Over the last year, we've worked together to design over 40 sets, encompassing the entire world of A'Taka.

I use a Oculus Quest program called Tilt Brush to paint virtual reality environments to show our artists the layout of everything, and then they spend time bringing those ideas to life in 3D. Together, (but mainly them), we iterate and develop each set until everything is working well.

While the below are not final screenshots, they represent just a few of the locations of the movie.